Don't Cry Don't Cry

That's what Amilie said to me (in mandarin) when I pretend to be crying.

What was I doing? hehe

My hands were feeling tired after using the laptop for too long, so I ask Amilie to help me massage. She was so sweet that she kissed my tired hands as she massaged.

And all the while I was pretending to be in pain. And she told me "don't cry don't cry." keke

Halfway through the massaging, she asked me to moved to the side of the bed so that she can sit down on the bed. (She was standing up all the while)

She massaged till her arms were tired that she said that her arms were pain. So of course I have to massage her back. After a while, I told her my arms were still painful and she massaged me and told me not to cry. Her expression was so serious and so cute. I should have taken it down!

Every other days, I will discover something sweet that Amilie does for me.

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5 comments on “Don't Cry Don't Cry”

  1. When my hubby massaged my shoulders the other night, Qianyi pushed him away and massaged me with her little hands.. It's really good to have a daughter ya? haha...

  2. Haha! That's really cute of Qianyi to does that. So does your hubby gets jealous of you? Think my little girl would ask my massage too. 🙂

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