Chatting on the phone

Amilie loves chatting on the phone. If she saw me chatting on the phone, she would want to listen too. And chat with whomever I am talking to. Although most of the time, the other party don't really understand what she talking about.

Sometimes she would request to talk to my sister on the phone. And most of the time, I would help her to dial the numbers. See how she chat on the phone, guess the phone bill would starts to go up when she starts exchanging phone numbers with her friends next time.

She was chatting with my mum, which my mum claims that she doesn't what Amilie was talking about. Haha! And I would briefly summarize what she was talking.

Oh! One part I like is when she wanted to hang up, she would kiss the person on the line (on the phone). Would try to catch it on camera the next time. 😉

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