Amilie's 3 Years Old

Amilie turned 3 years old on the 8th January 2008. Took leave that day to celebrate with her. As we aren't able to get the Free Zoo Admission Pass, we brought her shopping instead. Brought her to Marina Square and Suntec. Hoping to find some nice clothings for Chinese New Year but only managed to find 1 dress and 1 shirt.

Went we reached home, we sang birthday song and ate the birthday ice-cream cake (from Swensens). Not sure Amilie really understands the meaning of birthday but I believe she enjoyed her cake and was happy blowing the candles. keke

Here's a video clip and some pictures which I had taken for the birthday girl.


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3 comments on “Amilie's 3 Years Old”

  1. Thanks Jazzmint and LZmommy, Jazzmint, so coincidence that Faythe's bday is near to Amilie. 🙂

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