Amilie's 1st Day of School

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Yesterday is Amilie's 1st day of school. Amilie is really excited and she wasn't much scared at all. The moment Amilie entered the classroom, she went to sit at the table and played with the blocks.

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The teacher had to tell Amilie to take off her shoes and next, Amilie had to be reminded to place her shoes on the shoe rack as her mind was all on the table of blocks.

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Some children were crying but Amilie was just interested in the blocks. She loved the books and even wanted to take the huge book to read. Teacher even commented that she was observant as she pointed to the clock on the wall when the teacher was pointing to the clock on the book.

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She was quite restless when it comes to singing session. Sometimes the teacher had to "catch" her. I managed to capture her dancing about and skipping about.


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