Amilie too...

Amilie started coughing 2 days back too. She didn't went for her playgroup yesterday and was brought to see doctor. Doctor said Amilie had throat inflammation and was given antibiotic.

Probably Amilie doesn't like the minty medicine and we had a hard time feeding her with the medicine. She didn't want to drink the medicine and in the end I had to carry her to 'force' her drink the antibiotic. After drinking the medicine, she was still crying non-stop and she vomited all out in the end.

I hope that she is able to recover faster even though she didn't manage to drink the antibiotic. It's heartbreaking to see her coughing and crying away.

Some updates at the polyclinic on her 3 year old assessment on 12/1/08.
Height: 95cm
Weight: 13Kg

She is able to walk up and down the stairs by herself.

Next assessment would be next year, and Amilie should know the alphabets by then for the eyesight test. She would also have to know how to draw a circle and a square.

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