A Special Valentine's Day

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Happy V-Day! Today's V-Day, went to work as usual cos' Dear wasn't free in the day time. Therefore we decided to meet at night for dinner.

Hubby gave me a surprise today! So happy! Around 4pm, still working in the office, suddenly someone called my name. Call me to receive my flowers. Hubby had ordered flowers to deliver to my place. Oh My! So surprised!

After I got my flowers, I couldn't contained my feelings! Couldn't speak in my normal tone. Too happy, too shocked!

Haha! Even now I am still beaming with smile. Didn't expect that he sent flowers to my office cos' he always told me that it's very expensive. Asked him why he would sent to my place, he replied that he wouldn't want to hold the bunch of flowers while waiting for me.

And also I would feel shiok if I received my flowers in my office. And Yeah! To tell the truth, I do enjoy the shiok feeling. Haha!
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Took our neoprint. I love taking neoprints. Hehe!
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Went to watch Epic Movie. Well, an hour of boring show. To me, not worth the money to watch that show.

Overall this morning, I do enjoy this year's V-day. It's a surprised V-day. Thanks Dear for your effort. Love ya'.

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