Today, Izaac's nose got another scar on his face again.

It's actually done by Amilie. Not sure what the fight about but I got the feeling it must have been that Izaac saw Amilie playing with something and was interested and wanted to join in the fun but was rejected by her.

However, Izaac continued to wanting to play with Amilie and Amilie got agitated and hit him and in the process, scratched his charming face.

Oh dear! We had tried to talk her on that's the wrong thing to do but she still insists on doing the same thing. I am still thinking of how to stop her from doing and how not to see a new scratch on Izaac's face every time I came home from work.

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One comment on “Scratches”

  1. Oh.. oh..!! I think all children.. they are this way.. with their siblings..?? i remember i used to fight with my brothers too.. muahahah!! but we turned out alright.

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