One After Another

It's really a sick month for us. After Izaac recovered from HFMD (thanks to all for your concern), Amilie got Viral Gastroenteritis and she started vomiting on 19th, as she kept vomiting, she had to be admitted to the hospital to be on drip. She was discharged yesterday.
After she was discharged, I got it too. I started vomiting and having diarrhea after I woke up from my nap, I hadn't sleep well since 19th. See the doctor and though no more vomiting, my tummy was still 'grumpy'.
Then in the middle of the night, Izaac started vomiting too. And he was on drip now in hospital too.
Now, we have to wait for Izaac to recover and come home. Hope Izaac can recover and come home and spare of the needle. This is really a bad month for us.

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8 comments on “One After Another”

  1. Viral Gastroenteritis is very very contagious. Hope your husband will not get it. Meanwhile, may the 3 of you get well soon. Rest well.

  2. Hope that all of you get well soon. Not easy to manage when the kids are not well. Got your blog from Chanel's blog.

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