Zion Road Food Centre

Went there last night and tried out some of the stalls there. We had a main course, a side dish and a dessert. And yes, we were both full and satisfied. keke....
For our 'main course' we ordered from Seng Huat Western Food.
I had chicken cutlet & Papa Tang had fish 'n' chips. Chicken cutlet tastes alright to me. It's tender. As compared to chicken cutlet, Fish 'n' chips is better. Well, guess it's up to individual to decide. Yah?
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Next is No18 Zion Road Fried Kway Teow (sorry! forgotten to take pic). Well, that's yummy! It's tasty and not very oily. It's hard to miss that stall as there is always a long queue. It's really yummy! Give it a try!

Finally! Very very special Ice Kachiang. There are 2 desserts stalls but its the one near to the duck rice. (Don't remember what's the stall name.) But it's quite easy to notice the picture of the ice cream with the ice kachiang. Hehehe! I ordered it cos' I was curious. keke! And yap, I din make a wrong choice! It;s yummy. The mango ice cream (we were guessing whether did they made themselves) blends with the sweetener. And it tastes wonderful! Very strong ice cream taste, it doesn't taste like the normal mango ice cream we ate from other places. Yummy!!!
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  1. Agree that Zion Road Food Centre has many good food. Me and dh used to go there for dinner before Ilis came out. Now hardly have time liao 🙁

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