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Tiong Bahru Market

Went to Tiong Bahru Market few days back (1 day before we went to No Signboard). keke. Waited till today then post. 😛

We seldom went there after it was renovated. And after so long, I finally had a chance to go there again! Yippee! Though the place is more spacious, it was quite warm if we were to sit inside (near the stalls). We chose a table which doesn't seems to be so warm. Had an enjoyable dinner at Tiong Bahru Market.

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The 1st dish I want to recommend is the chicken wings ($1 each) from Yuan Ji Fishball Noodle , #02-72 (think they shared the stalls). Believe me! It's really Yummy! I could feel the chef's effort for marinating the chicken wings. It was very well marinated. (Deep into the meat) The skin is crispy and yummy! Ooohhh! It's really Yummy! 🙂

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Hubby had chicken rice ($3) from the 'ever long queue' Hainanese Chicken Rice #02-82. Didn't got a taste of the chicken rice as hubby finished it before I got the chance to have a bite. 😮 Heard from hubby that it tasted Yummy!

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I had a bowl of Laksa ($3) from Teng Yu Chee Cheong Fun Porridge #02-71. When the laksa was served, I was a bit skeptical about it. The gravy looked diluted but when I took a sip of the gravy, I was wrong! The gravy was thick and not only that! The cook's very generous about his prawns. Ate a lot. Yummy! The only minus is the cockles. Seems a bit dried up. 😛

I am missing the food at Tiong Bahru Market already. 😛

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8 comments on “Tiong Bahru Market”

  1. Laksa! It was yrs ago that I had laksa! Tempting to have it but think of the coconut and that's what stops me 🙁 *drooling*

  2. the next time you're at TB market, you have to try the really solid lor mee over there! There are a few stalls selling lormee but our fav is the one that has "fried sharks nuggets". Really crispy and yummy. I think it is stall 178. Their signboard has got this cartoon caricature of two sharks holding forks, with their tongues sticking out. Highly recommended!

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