The Rajah Inn

A unique concept of steamboat served in mini-personal pots using recipes of Indo-Chinese dishes, The Rajah Inn serve lunch and dinner in 2 very different dining concepts. For lunch, they serve porridge buffet & for dinner, they provide a eat-all-you-can ala carte steamboat buffet.

We went on a weekend and the price for the ala-carte is few dollars more if we were to spend on a weekday. Since we are trying to limit our expenditure, we decided to take the set instead of the buffet. Place is crowded and we had to wait awhile to get seats. To maximise the space of the soup, they had actually, used trays for putting ingredients for some of the tables.

We ordered 1 steamboat with chicken soup base while the other with tom yam soup base. Ordered a chicken set and seafood set to go with the steamboat. 🙂

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Chicken set @ $6.80 & Seafood Set @ $7.60. I prefer the seafood set as there's more varieties as compared to the chicken set. There's the squid, fish, prawns for the seafood set whereas the chicken was the only different ingredient in the chicken set.

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The Tom Yam soup was nice. Sour and Spicy. Yummy! Chicken soup base, become tastier as we add on the ingredients.

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We were told that there was a promotion for the Deep Fried Silken Tofu that day. ($3.00 instead of $4.00) So we decided to give it a try. The silken tofu describes perfectly the dish very well. Despite that the skin is crispy, the tofu is very very silky. Yummy! Sauce is wonderful too!

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[singlepic id=969 w=320 h=240 float=center]
We noticed a special dish, which was indicated in the menu as only available on weekends and public holidays. Durian Oozee. Having tried the durian puff @ Xiao Xuan Feng the previous time, we wanted to try the durian oozee. 1st look at the Durian Oozee reminded me of the Goreng Pisang. Thinking that it is using similar concept for the durian. The durian is rich and oozes out when we bite it. However, we prefer the durian puff @ Xiao Xuan Feng with its chewy skin. 🙂

There's still other dishes in the menu which we haven't got the chance to try yet. And we would be going to try one of the weekday! 😉

Oops! Almost forgot! 🙂 It's at Tiong Bahru Plaza #02-13 😉

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