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That's the first time I went to eat roti prata at this Jalan Kayu Prata Restaurant, heard from friend that it's really famous. However, the place seems hard to go there. It would be easier if someone drove there. Ordered roti prata with curry chicken. Saw something special on the menu board and ordered that to try.

The curry chicken is yummy.
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The ice-cream prata though special but have to eat it fast. We waited awhile before we ate it and probably it had melted a bit. The ice-cream wasn't much to our liking. Think it's a bit sweet for us. The rest of the prata is yummy though.
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Do enjoy the roti prata. Yummy!

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10 comments on “Thasevi Food”

  1. Oh... my husband also said that the roti prata at Jalan Kayu is fantastic. His colleagues brought him there weeks ago and he simple love it 🙂

  2. the prata there are simply delicious *drooling just thinking about it leh* I LOVE IT.

    didn't drive there? then how did you end up there? by cab ah?

    I didn't opt for the ice cream prata too becos i felt these are 2 separate items and had to be eaten separately to savour them. heehee

  3. Thasevi's prata is good till you try Casuarina Curry & Prata

    I eat Thasevi's prata almost daily during my NS and reservist days, it fed a lot of hungry soliders.

    Casuarina Curry & Prata however feed the entire family and it's curry is far superior to Thasevi. Even Ah Goh and our president nathan invite them to cook in Isetana.

    If you like crispy prata, Casuarina Curry & Prata serve them best.

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