Sushi Tei @ Vivocity

I had cravings for crabs and had actually went to Alexandra Village for the crabs however the stall wasn't open that day. We decided to went to Vivocity instead for our dinner.

We walked about Vivocity and finally settle at Sushi Tei as I was thinking of having sushi few days back. We had to queue for a while before we got out seat. The exterior of the Sushi Tei was very nicely decorated and the interior was very nice too. Too bad we did not get the chance to sit near the window. But the seats were very equally separated and I feel that we are in our own cubicle although there was no door or curtains.

The sushi was very fresh and appetizing. It's very yummy.

The mayo with the sushi was really yummy. It's really appetizing to eat such pretty sushi.

Hubby had the Don Set and he said that it was quite filling. The bowl sure look appetizing.

Though I was full already. I couldn't help it but to order a small bowl and ice balls to eat. The fruity taste of the frozen ice balls were yummy and cooling.

Though we didn't get to eat the chilli crab that day, we still do think we enjoyed the dinner that night.

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