Surprise Celebration @ Shokudo

It was very nice that the group had organised a surprise birthday celebration for me and another colleague which our birthdays are some few days apart at Shokudo @ Raffles City Shopping Centre. When we reached there, the queue was really long. Luckily, one of them was there early to queue and we waited a while before we got the seats.

The Shokudo is a Japanese Marche style. We were given a card with a $100 value and if we were to lost the card, we would have to pay $100 for the card.

There were a lot of varieties in the restaurant and I would say that we were quite greedy that we ordered a lot. Wanting to try almost every food in the restaurant. And when we got back to our table. I got a shock!

Here's some pictures of the food we had that day.

See how much we enjoyed the food and we ate till we were so full that we did not manage to finish all the food.

After the food, we still got the cake that they had bought for us. Frankly speaking, the cake was nice but we were really really full at that time that we had to struggle to finish the cake.

There's a neoprint machine inside the restaurant and we tried to squeeze in the whole group of us and here is the many heads of neonprint we got.

Near to the exit, there's a children's corner for the little kids to play while the adults enjoyed the food nearby.

Here's thanks to the group of people who have thought of the surprise celebration for us. It was very nice and I do appreciate the effort. Thanks a lot.

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