People's Park Complex

Was at Chinatown with a group of friends and had our dinner at People's Park Complex. Chose one of the Cze Cha stalls there. Food is yummy. 🙂

Unfortunately, I had forgotten the stall's name. 😮 Only remember that the stall's also selling Yummy duck rice. 🙂

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Recommended to try their self-make Yam Paste. We were told to eat it while it's hot when it was served to us. And we did! The Yam Paste looks very appetizing with the prawns and other ingredients. It's not looks good, it tastes good too. Yam's really Yummy! , prawns are fresh & green pepper are crunchy.

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The vegetables looks plain and normal but its really crunchy too. The fish slices are not bad. It's actually tasty and I couldn't help but ate more of this dish. Yummy!

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Fried Calamari with Mayonnaise is divine! 🙂 I couldn't stop myself from eating more even though it's a bit saltish for me. Hehe

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Butter Prawn is big and fresh. Did not really managed to take a lot as the portion is quite small. (Think it's 1 for each person) 😛 And nobody's willing to give up their share of the prawn. Hmmmph!

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Lastly, the Prawn Paste Chicken. The taste of the prawn paste is just nice and the chicken is tender. 🙂

Total amount spent is around $50++. And we think it's quite worth the amount we are paying for. So the next time if you happen to be at Chinatown, why not make a trip to People's Park Complex to look for the Cze Cha stall. 🙂

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