Little Red Chicken Western

The stall is located at the coffee shop of Blk 34 Cassia Cres, near to the Old Airport Market. Can only roughly remember the name as Little Red Chicken Western or Little Red Chick Western. 😉

Well, it was recommended by a friend of ours and was told of how tender the chicken is. Since nobody had any idea where to go for dinner, we decided to go there.

By looking at the chickens, we were quite skeptical of the friend's recommendation. As it doesn't look any different from the other fried chicken that we had eaten.

We changed our mind after we sunk our teeth into the tender chicken meat. The meat was very tender and juicy. It doesn't taste that dry as compared to the other spring chicken. Everyone have praises for the spring chicken and it's hard not to compare the chicken we had to the Little Red Chicken Western Stall.

Next time, I want to try their western food and chicken wings too. Yummy!

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