Le Chasseur Skewer

The wall painted like blue sky with white clouds, by the side the walls are surrounded by woods. It was as if we were eating in a 'village' under the sky. That's what attracted me to eat in Le Chasseur Skewer last Tuesday. 🙂

Situated at 31, New Bridge Rd, near to Clarke Quay, is a place not be missed. 😉

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They have a variety of Chinese delights in their menu.

And a note pasted on the wall stating that their food has no MSG, no food pigment essence, no GST & no service charge. Just like home-cooked food.

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Their homemake barley is just nice for quenching our thirst in the warm weather. 😉 If you do not like Barley, there are still other different types of homemake drinks too.

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The gravy for Curry Chicken is thick & spicy! Yummy!

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Lotus Seed with Chicken Feet Soup was nice but I find it not to my liking. 😉

So, if next time I would want to eat out for home-cooked food. Guess I can head out to Le Chasseur Skewer. keke

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7 comments on “Le Chasseur Skewer”

  1. haha! we lurve food! And just like to share with others 🙂

    Eileen, no problem at all. Hope you liked the place. 🙂

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