Kowloon Dessert

At the basement of People's Park, there are quite a few stalls. At one end, near to a foodcourt, there is a small stall with 3 to 4 tables selling desserts.

A group of us went for the dessert after dinner for a try.

Wanted to introduce just one special dessert that some of us order. (Tried hubby's)

    [singlepic id=935 w=320 h=240 float=center]

    Fresh Mango Juice with Pomelo & Sago

This small cup of dessert is really a sensation! At first, when they told me that the taste of the mango is coming in a wave-like sensation in the mouth. My first thought was 'Wow! That's a bit exaggerating, you think you are in the comics?'

Out of curiousity, I took a sip. OMG! It's no exaggeration at all! I am having a sensation of the taste of the mango as it gets sweeter and sweeter in my mouth! This is the first time that I believe that the comics aren't that exaggerating cos' I am feeling heaven!

I can almost feel as though I am swimming in the sea of mango. Just like in the comic! The pomelo & sago enhancing the sweetness of the mango make it even better.

Till now, I can still remember the sensation it gave to me.... 🙂

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