Ikoi Japanese Restaurant @ Miramar Hotel

Having heard so much about this Japanese Restaurant. I finally got a chance to try it. Made a booking about 1 month in advance, (heard that you need to have a booking as it's normally fully booked)

Reached there around 6pm and as the rest of our colleagues hadn't arrived yet, we took some pictures outside the restaurant.

Here's some picture (It's hard to miss the restaurant if you went to Miramar):

Having taken picture, we decided to order the food. As it's a ala-carte buffet, the portion we ordered is actually based on the number of persons taking the food.

So here's our food:

The sashimi is very fresh and I love the salmon and cuttlefish. Each piece was thick and fresh. Love the thick, tender and fresh sashimi.

The appetizer, was salmon and some sauce. It's not listed in the menu. So I didn't know what's the name of the dish. It's very nice and we loved the sauce. Too bad, each person is only entitled 1 small dish.

The fried tofu was crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. I could feel the softness of the tofu gliding down my throat. Yummy!

Chawanmushi, I didn't try this dish as I not very much like Chawanmushi in the first place.

The crispy prawn tempura is also nice.

Don't really like this dish because of the thick, huge potato. Probably was feeling a bit full after all the dishes.

This is actually the Japanese style of our Chinese "Yong Tau Foo". We got a bit of a shocked when we the dish arrived. 😉 Some radish, fish cake and other ingredients in this simple dish.

According to my colleagues, the fish cake was very cheesy. Though they were expecting the cute Japanese fish cake. 😉

The sauce for Yakitori was yummy. It blends well with the chicken. Though it's quite saltish, I do like this dish.

Complimentary of the restaurant, the carrot is very crispy and sweet too.

Had ordered this dish thinking that it's the appetizer we had, anyway, this dish was nice too. Quite a big piece for someone who is almost full. keke

This 'steamboat' dish is complimentary of the restaurant. Each table is entitled 1. We had to wait for the fire to burn out before we could try this dish. As you can see, most of the ingredients are vegetables.

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