Fruit Fondue @ Coffee Club

After our dinner, we bid farewell to our group of friends and went for a cup of drink at Coffee Club @ The Central before heading home. Couldn't get a nice window view table though (all was taken up when we reached there). Ordered for ourselves a drink each and a fruit fondue (which look yummy!).

[singlepic id=956 w=320 h=240 float=center]
Of all the fruits available, loved the taste of the banana with the hot chocolate. It's sweet & yummy! Other than banana, there's also strawberry, mango and kiwi. Though the chocolate wasn't warm up when we started eating. (We were impatient to wait for it to boil 😉 ), the chocolate still taste very rich. We finished every drop of chocolate that is in the pot even though we had finished the fruits. I could feel the richness of the chocolate as I 'drink' it. It's really really rich and sweet!

Hopefully the next time I went there, I could get a nice scenery view of the Clarke Quay from the Coffee Club as I indulge myself with the chocolate fondue!! 🙂

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4 comments on “Fruit Fondue @ Coffee Club”

  1. hehe, my cousin used to work as a chef at Coffee Club before she migrate to Australia. we'd ask her to make the chocolate sauce at home all the time 😀

    i like the way they "treat n marinate" their prawns for the garlic spaghetti dish also, adds a certain "bite" to it... yumm yumm

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