Chef Hainanese Western Food @ Tanglin Halt

As hubby wasn't feeling quite well, we haven't been going out for dinner lately. As hubby is feeling better, we decided to go nearby for our dinner instead.

Since we haven't been there for quite some time, we decided to settle our dinner at Tanglin Halt (Not exactly sure the name of the food centre).

Whenever we went Tanglin Halt for dinner, we would be ordering Chicken Cutlet or Chicken Chop from Chef Hainanese Western Food Stall most of the time.

Hubby had Chicken Cutlet while I had Chicken Chop.

The black pepper sauce of the chicken chop do taste nice and yummy! It blends well too.

Of all the other western food stalls, I loved the side dishes most. Why? Because of the baked potato! hehe

Though it's just a simple dish, I do like the taste of the mayonnaise with the baked potato. Sad to say, it wasn't as satisfying as before. Probably because the potatoes had shrink and the quantity of the mayonnaise was much lesser than before.

Well, that's the western food stall we had @ Tanglin Halt. 😉

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4 comments on “Chef Hainanese Western Food @ Tanglin Halt”

  1. Mayo in baked potatoes..?? we have it with sour cream.. and some bacon bits. And i've always liked western food in hawker centers... they are sure unique.. 😉 i had my first steak at a hawker center.. and i was very proud of myself then.. muahahahha!! yah.. yah.. i quite mountain tortoise.. 😉

  2. Mayo in baked potatoes is really yummy! You should try it. The bacon bits remind me of a whipped potato with bacon bits that I once had. That was really yummy! Too bad the cafe closed down. 😉

  3. You can try ones more time the chef hainanese western food and u will know wat is nice .

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