Baba King @ Singapore Expo

Brought Amilie to watch Hi5 at Singapore Expo and since we haven't had our lunch, we decided to take a quick lunch near Hall 3 before the show starts. Outside of Hall 3 is a restaurant selling Peranakan food, Baba King Nonya Deli & Restaurant.

Very simple decorations of the restaurants and they do have kids meal and even children utensils!

Here's one shot of Amilie posing with the children's utensils set.

Hubby had Nonya Chicken Curry set ($7.90 + $0.50 for the rice). It was almost finished and only managed to take the picture of the half bowl of the curry. Hubby commented it wasn't what he preferred. Probably he still preferred the usual curry chicken. 😉

I had Spaghetti with Chicken Chop ($6.90). It was yummy! It's spaghetti with a Nonya style. I was quite scared that it would be creamy but it doesn't have any creamy taste. The taste is like chicken noodle and there's a unique taste of the spaghetti. It's really yummy! Even Amilie and hubby enjoyed the spaghetti.

Enche Kabin ($4.50) aka chicken wings. First bite would find that the chicken wings are yummy! Having more of it, we think that the chicken wings taste quite normal.

Well, service was not bad though. If you happen to be at Singapore Expo, you could give the Peranakan Restaurant a try. 😉

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