ABC Market

Though it was raining that evening, we still make our way to the ABC Market for our dinner.

As there were alot of stalls, after 'surveying' the place awhile, we decided to try the BBQ Chicken Wings from ABC Delight (#01-107) & another 2 dishes (Prawn Paste Chicken & Omelette with Prawns) from the Cze Cha stall next to it (Wei Xiang Kitchen).

ABC Delight bbq chicken wings

1st to be served is the chicken wings. Chicken wings are at $1 each. Looks very appealing & appetizing. Though not marinated with honey (Didn't have the taste of honey 😛 ), it still taste Yummy!

After waiting for quite awhile (a lot of people seems to order from that stall), the Prawn Paste Chicken & Omelette are served!

Wei Xiang Kitchen prawn paste chicken

Prawn Paste Chicken (S$6) is nice. Yummy!

Wei Xiang Kitchen omelette with prawns

The Omelette... Wow! $4 for the omelette is pretty worth it with the prawns they put in. The prawns are big and fresh. Other than it's a bit saltish for me... It's Yummy! 🙂

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One comment on “ABC Market”

  1. I havent been there for a looooong time. Do you know there used to be a stall selling 'wan-kueh'. Did you try that before? Really good! That was the only thing get there. But the makers retired many years ago. So sad! 🙁

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