Zoo Trip 2008

It's a very backdated post. It was lucky that I did not have to go to work that Sunday and we are able to go to the Singapore Zoo for the family day held by my company.

I managed to get extra tickets that day and I brought along my MIL and GMIL. The most happiest were both the little kids. This is the first year that Izaac visit the Zoo. Amilie had been going to the Zoo since she was a few months old.

Think it's a nice age to bring the kids to see the animals. Both the kids enjoy it. Too bad the Children's World is closed for renovation that day, they did not managed to see and touch the small animals that day. Well, maybe next year.

I guess the most favourite place in the Zoo would be the kids playground. The kids go crazy when we reached there. They couldn't wait to set their foot into the playground even before finding seats to put our things. They had a great fun, it's amazing that Izaac is willing to play the slide and climbing up and down.

The Zoo trip leave a deep impression for the kids. Sometimes, while playing with PapaTang, they would imagine sitting a train ride and see the animals. Haha, think the kids couldn't wait to go to the Zoo next year!

And they still remember they saw the tiger fighting while they were there.

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One comment on “Zoo Trip 2008”

  1. Looks like the kids had loads of fun at the zoo....I have been wanting to bring the kids to the Bird Park but haven pluck up enough courage so I fear I tire myself to death....kekeke

    Jan, you should bring the kids to Bird Park. My kids haven't went there too.

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