Settlers 240607

Had a gathering with my friends at Settlers Cafe that day, without the little ones around. Hehe Had some fun there. As one of them had a VIP card, we got to play 1 hr extra of game. Think we spent 4 hrs of games there and did enjoy some of the games. Had a lot of laughter.

Some of the games we played there (which I remembered):
Snorta! - where we have to shout out our opponents animal sounds if the cards we opened are the same.

Loco! - Like a stock to decide the value of the stock and finally to see who win the game.

Niagara - Where we have to collect a specific number of gems.

Pick Picknic - Using colors of the cards to get the crops of the same color. And cubes would be points.

Slamwich - Where we have to slam and the faster person who slam the cards win the cards.

Took some pictures before we left the place and though the meetings aren't long. I guess all of us did have a great fun at the Settlers.

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