Company Party

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On 26th May 2007, we had our company party at Furama Hotel. Well, this is the first time I been to our company party. The previous 2 years, I didn't attend due to the fact that I was pregnant & was lazy to make my way on a normal weekend which I could rest at home.
This year I got the chance to be in the committee for organising this year's party. We got there early for some preparation of the sound system.

It seems that there wasn't much things to that & we spent some time taking pictures before the guests arrived.
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The guests started coming in around 12noon and we got to start the party.
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It was enjoyable! We played games & won some prizes. We were high! hehe
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The most happiest thing is the lucky draw. HEHE! Cos I've won first prize!!! So lucky! When the MC announced my name. Wow! I was actually relieved hehe. Cos' there was only 2 name in the lucky draw bowl. Hehe! The first prize is a voucher for 1 night stay at Furama Hotel. It's just nice for us and hubby and I decided to use the voucher for our anniversary which is on the 7th of July.
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And that's how my company dinner. It's great & fun! Really do enjoy it.

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6 comments on “Company Party”

  1. wow, congratz! looks like your lucky star is working really hard now. can go buy toto/4D while the starlight is still shining~

  2. Haha! Thanks to all.

    mom of cairo - because the 1st prize is only available to those who was present and who haven't received any prizes and there was left only 2 names in the bowl. hehe.

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