Our Tour On 081207

As mentioned in the previous post, I brought the kids on the tour to Singapore Changi T3 organized by our club.

Around 8.15am we set off to the Singapore T3. There we got a chance to “check-in” and have a tour inside the departure and arrival hall. There are a lot of shops and the airport is nicely decorated with plants and creepers as though to emphasize on Singapore is a “Garden City”. As it was a guided tour, we didn’t really get a chance to slowly tour around the T3 and have more photos taken.

Here’s some of the photos taken..

After airport tour, at around 11am, we arrived at the Changi Chapel & Museum. It’s a small museum about the World War II of Singapore. As the place is very small we spent about 20 to 30 minutes in the museum before we set off for lunch at Changi Village.

After lunch, we went for a walk at the Changi Beach Club, the place was very windy and calm and it’s nice for a walk after a meal. The little kids got a chance to see people fishing and beaches. We haven’t brought the kids to any beaches yet.

See how much they enjoyed walking at the Changi Beach Club..

At around 2pm, we were ready to set off home. The little kids were tired and they fell asleep on the way back home. Think they had enjoyed themselves a lot.

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5 comments on “Our Tour On 081207”

  1. Yes they have enjoyed themselves a lot.

    Angeleyes, wait till January and you can fly into T3! 🙂 Thanks for the link, would check it out.

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