CNY Shopping

Saturday brought the 2 little ones shopping for CNY clothings. Spent the morning preparing the things, had our lunches. Then after lunches, with 1 big bag, 1 pram, 1 maid, 1 toddler & 1 baby off we go.
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Thinking that I would be spending alot later on, I decided to take the MRT instead of the usual cab. So with Amilie in the pram, the maid pushing her, and me carrying Izaac with the carrier. We walked to the MRT station to Bugis.
When we got on the MRT, Izaac, being 1st time taking the MRT, looked around curiously. I was offered a seat (Thanks to the kind gentleman) but declined as I find my pram would probably get in the way of others.

The Kids Department @ Seiyu was crowded with parents shopping for CNY clothings for children. Put Izaac on the pram & Amilie running around as I search for suitable clothings & only managed to get 2 pieces for Izaac & 1 set of Disney clothings for Amilie. Amilie was restless after all the running (Thank goodness!), let her took a rest on the pram while I carried Izaac with the carrier.

Went to the men's section to buy some shirts for hubby. Queue for the payment was extremely long, so ask my maid to wait at the bench near the lift for me. Finally paid for the things and as I am not satisfied with what I bought, I decided to go Suntec to continue.

Stopped @ Shaw Tower to let the 2 little Tangs have porridge.
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Had a hard time carrying the pram and Izaac up the stairs. At Suntec, abit rush of time. Spent my last 1 hour at Fox Fashion. That's where I know how Amilie can run about & yah! scream about. How I become a screaming mother... or hah! I simply bochap.

Ok, I had my day, so decided to head home.

I guess I need some time to forget how I behaved like a mad woman in public before I dare to bring them out to shopping during the festive seasons again. 😛
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4 comments on “CNY Shopping”

  1. Hi Mama Tang, I came to your blog via Fannie's. Wow... i can see that you had a good buy for both of ur darling. And what about mommy? Izaac has got a big eyes. Hm.. charming boy.

  2. champion....bring pram, maid and a baby along with a toddler and can shop until so shiok....can see that you managed to buy quite alot of stuff hor!!!

  3. Hi Jean, haha I bought mine think about few weeks ago. Thanks for ur compliment. Haha, but sometimes find his eyes too big. 😛

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