Liverpool Draws Again!

Well, I'm a big fan of Rafa ever since he was back in Valencia and took them to 2 Spanish Liga Championship but after yesterday disappointing draw with Spurs, I begin to doubt his wisdom in sticking to his rotation policy. Don't get me wrong, I still believe he will be the manager to deliver the 19th premiership title back to Liverpool and he's one of the the best manager around, but his stubbornness in sticking to the rotation policy is starting to get into me.

In fact ever since the start of EPL, every team that had won the premiership title used a settled first team, only rotating players when they are injured, suspended or tired and definitely not at the start of the season when everyone is still fresh.

Rafa's rational is that he wants his players to be fresh for all competition and especially at the later stages of the season when the fixtures start piling up. His explanation is understandable and I do agree with him except for the part that it's still early in the season and we should have start with our strongest players instead of rotating them and disrupting the rhythm of the team.

Yesterday's match is a prime example of what's wrong for not having a settled first team! No fluency in attack and a unsettled defense led to 2 point lost rather than a point gained.

I hope the sooner Rafa realized that his rotation policy is not working, the better it would be but then who am I to argue with one of the best manager around! Seems like I better stick back to my football manger game. 🙂

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