Having the right mindset!

The other day, I read part of an e-book on having the right mindset to succeed in business. Interestingly enough, the book was written by an authority on internet marketing and the principles being highlighted was meant as pointers for people who are new to business and these principles are very crucial to any aspiring entrepreneurs. He stressed upon the readers on the need of having the right mindset from the start is essential to the success of any business, it either make or break you in your business ventures.

Having read the book, I do agree with him on having the right mindset from the start is absolutely crucial to the success or failure of anything. As good as the book is, it's still very fundamental and certain things are not being emphasized enough. So just let me try to add a bit of things in to spice up the whole mindset stuff. Ha! Well, I do not profess to be an authority on such matters, I just trying to add in stuff that I've learn for the past few years and yeah some tongue in cheek comments. LOL!

1. Taking your business seriously.

A no-brainer, any person who goes into business without taking it seriously is doom to fail from the start. Go in with your heart and don't play the fool.

2. Believing in your ability to succeed.

Believe if you can, you can! And you will succeed! If you are not confident of succeeding in the first place, why do you venture out in the first place? I do understand sometimes people are force by circumstances to start their business especially in the wake of mass retrenchments and unemployment in the last few years, but before you start any venture, please take stock of your skill sets, knowledge and experiences and try to build your business around these areas or interest. Passion alone can go a long way in sustaining your interest and increase your chance of succeeding in the long run.

3. Being willing to put in the effort necessary for success.

Being willing is not enough, do you have the guts and the determination to sacrifice everything and anything in your quest for success. How many people do recognize the need to put themselves fully into the driving seat and slog hard and to achieve their success? Do you know any person or are you one of those who after a hard day’s work, come back and lounge yourself right into the sofa to watch television or party away your time and then keep on whining abut your boss, how hard your life is and not enough money to spend, etc. Sounds familiar right!

4. Understanding how much and what type of effort is necessary.

Understand yourself first will go a long way in determining how much and what type of effort is necessary. It's crucial you must recognize there's no such thing as free and easy lunch and you must work hard to acheive your success, not unless you are born with a silver spoon in your mouth.

5. Commit to a business plan/strategy.

No plan means planning to fail, might as well go party your time away. Planning is the basics of every business and the ability, determination and persistency in committing to a plan is crucial. Do bear in mind that when the current plan/strategy is not working well at all, you must be able to recognize the need to change your plan/strategy and also flexible enough to look for alternative ways and means to achieve your goal. That's where experiences and wisdom comes into play in determining whether to stay put or change tack.

6. Being to see progress in gradual steps.

Rome is not built in a day. Remember this mantra and you are well on the right track for success.

Well, that probably sums up my sentiments on the above few pointers, although to really put everything down would probably turn this post to some sort of thesis. Frankly speaking, you can read whatever and learn all the theories and mentally torturing stuff but nothing beats the practical experiences you gain when you start applying and putting all these theories into practice! So what are you waiting for?

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