Brief Introduction by Albert!

Welcome to tang's sanctuary.

I've been toying with this idea of setting up a website to document the ins and outs of my life for many months. And finally after much deliberation, this website was finally up. My dear wife, Irene and I will be contributing regularly to this website to share with you readers our very mundane lives and our love for our two beautiful children, Amilie aged 2 and Izaac just past his sixth month.

Well, let me give a brief introduction of myself. I'm 30 and on the way to 31 this coming year. I'm a cheerful, funny, humorous and optimistic, open and very talkative person who can be serious at times. That's why now I'm in an industry that requires me to talk all the time; can you guess what it is?

I used to be very humorous and funny guy still is but the degree has been tempered by the trials and tribulations of life! Well, chimp (unfathomable) is it! That's means you are still young! Ha!

So stay tune in the future for more "happenings" on this site, and please bookmark it for future visits! Ciao!

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