Public Holiday?

Working half a day in a office today is not something that I expected and probably that's what happened to my brain too... Knowing today is a holiday, programmed itself to rest, relax & go slow. Spent half of my day, slogging in the office (rushing the work before the deadline). Having some sort of short term memory thingy.... (well, still in dreamland)
My 2nd half of the day, watched "Night at the museum" at Great World. Very funny show & my 1st reaction after that show - "I wanna watch again!" It's hilarious & do make me laugh throughout the whole show.

Night at the museum - where history comes to life at night..... Larry Daley, a man who was down on his luck, accepted the post as a night security guard at the National Museum. During the watch, something happened.... What seems to be dead comes alive at night..... See how Larry comes to term with the wax figures & how they work as a team.

After the movie, went to collect our family photo (took that portrait 1 month plus back) at Swanlake Studio, ate dinner & went home.

Well, that's what I did today.... Tomorrow, another usual working day (Probably OT). Sianz.... Seeya tomorrow.....

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