What A Bore!

Today, I was so happy when I overheard Mummy telling Jie Jie she's bringing us to attend a small celebration for the mid-autumn festival near our home.

Initially when we were there and I see so many kids with lanterns walking around, it seemed like so much fun is in wait for us. But it turned out to be a bore! 🙁

First, we were late for the lion dance display, and by the time were there the lion dance was over. And then to add to Jie Jie and my miseries, the balloons are all given out and we need tickets in order to get the goodies bags which contain the laterns. 😥

I think it would be better if Mummy can prepare ahead the next time round and buy tickets in advance so that at the very least we do not miss out on the lanterns and goodies bags. 😈

Well, in the end joy turned to boredom and a waste of my precious time. You know that I could have use the time there to have my beauty sleep.

Yawn...! Time for me to sleep......

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