I Want To Join In The Fun!

Mmm! These two days, my Jie Jie seemed a bit more subdued when around me. Normally when no one is looking, she would just push me to the ground or try to snatch things away from me.

Maybe it has a bit to do with the fact that she is not feeling well! 😈

Nah! I don't think so, most probably she's trying to act goody goody in front of Mummy and Daddy.

You know what! I actually overheard Mummy telling Jie Jie not to be naughty and get well soon so that she can join them for the coming visit to the Chinese Garden this Tuesday.

Talk about hypocrisy at the highest level! No wonder she is so subdued!

I'm getting jealous that whenever there's any outing; Jie Jie will have the first priority.

That's not fair! 😥 I want to go Chinese Garden! Can I? Please! 😥

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