When she's watching Hi5

Actually, before the Hi5 concert, we didn't have any Hi5 discs at home. We have lots of Barney and other educational discs. So, when I heard of the Hi5 concert, I wasn't planning to bring Amilie to watch thinking that she might not know what is it. What actually changed my mind, was that she pointed out and jumping up and down when the advertisement for Hi5 was on TV. Well, guess I could bring her to the concert after all. 😉

Bought a disc (1st disc) recently and this is how she watched the disc. With much concentration. haha

When she's watching Hi5, she's much into their world
When she's watching Hi5, she didn't bother about anyone except Hi5
When she's watching Hi5, she didn't bother to cover mummy with blanket like she would
When she's watching Hi5, she doesn't react to the camera which she normally would

Haiz, guess that's the power of Hi5. 😛

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