It just happened not long ago. We were resting in the room and the kids went to the living room to get some books to read in the room.

Izaac came in first then awhile later, Amilie came rushing in and she suddenly started crying. Her voice was a bit muffled and I could only hear that there was something outside. After asking a few times, we finally understood what she was crying about.

She told us that there was cockroach in the living room and she was frightened. So we decided to go to the living room to see where is the cockroach but couldn't find any cockroach and we asked where is the cockroach, Amilie pointed to something on the floor.

Hubby took a close look and realised that it was a beetle instead. Hee! Hee! Think Amilie got a scare because of the moving insect. And both hubby and I had a bit of a laugh by Amilie action. Too bad we didn't record now, to show it to Amilie when she grow older. 😛

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