Shun Tuck Cheong Fun

It's at People's Park Complex. (Yup! We have been going to People's Park Complex very often these few times) Can't remember exactly where is the stall. But they do sell special dishes of Chee Cheong Fun. Well, although the stall's specialty also sells Chee Cheong Fun, they also sell some other dishes.

We ordered an Imperial Chicken Set which is $8.80 for 2 persons. The set includes 2 bowl of brown rice and 1 Imperial Chicken. Isn't it healthy? keke Well, it's not only healthy and really very yummy! 🙂 The soup is very tasty and chicken is tasty.
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In addition, we ordered a special dish (Not sure whether other places also have this dish); Pork Floss Cheong Fun Maki. That's the 1st time I eaten Japanese Style Maki. The pork floss is very tasty & very nice. Though the additional of seaweed makes the taste a bit 'strange' but I do like the special dish. It's a fusion of Japanese Maki and Chinese Chee Chong Fun. Giving this special dish a special dish. It not only have the taste of the pork floss and also have the taste of the seaweed. SPECIAL!! YUMMY!!
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Do give the dish a try! Think I would like to try the other dishes the next time.

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