Coloring Activities

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After the first Art & Craft we had, I had started searching online and bookstores for some Children’s coloring worksheets for the kids.
Here’s some websites where I printed out for the kids to do at home.
- Alphabuddies
- Abcteach
- First-School Preschool Activities and Crafts

The kids got to color different alphabet and the pictures that begin with different letters. Sometimes, we even got to do some crafts that were printed from the website. The kids prefer crafts to writing. Think their best type of coloring is using water colors and using fingers to paint the pictures.

Though it’s easy to find worksheets for English and numbers, I did not manage to find any on Chinese. So I had to find from the bookstore. We bought some Chinese book with activities for the kids to do at home. However, think the kids had a hard time recognizing the Chinese characters as they seldom come across Chinese characters as much as English Alphabets.

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