Fu Xing Claypot Xiao Chi @ Ah Seah Eating House

We happened to come across Ah Seah Eating House at Kovan Centre one afternoon while looking for some place for lunch. The first time we went there, we tried the stall next to the drinks stall, a stall selling claypot food. The stall name is “Fu Xing Claypot Xiao Chi”, Stall #6, according to the signboard. We each ordered a different set of claypot dish and we ate till very full that day, agreeing that we should have ordered a set and share instead.

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So the second time we went there, we ordered the Sliced Fish Soup set that cost $10. The set consists of the Sliced Fish Soup, Claypot Sesame Oil Chicken, Vegetables and 2 bowls of rice.

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My favorite dish is the Claypot Sesame Oil Chicken. It’s just taste yummy and really suits my taste bud. I think I would miss this dish when I was on confinement.

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The vegetables were normal and I prefer the claypot tofu that was included in the pomfret soup set. Not sure whether they could change the vegetables to claypot tofu instead.

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The slices of fish in the sliced fish soup were fresh and it’s alright for someone who doesn’t know how to eat fish. The soup is considered “cooling” as it’s cooked with bitter gourd.

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