9th & 10th Prenatal Visits on 17th July 2009 & 1st August 2009

As our internet connection was down for awhile, I was not able to surf and blog. Even after the connection was back to normal, I could not help but feel sleepy whenever I wanted to use the laptop.

9th Prenatal Visit on 17th July 2009

Scan Taken on 17/07/09

Mummy’s weight: 51kg
Baby’s weight: 2303g

Dr Chan said that still got at least 2 and a half weeks to go. That seems like so long to me. Dr Chan measured the water and say everything is alright. He asked me what picture I wanted of the baby but I did not have any idea so he printed out the backbone instead. keke
Next visit is to be 2 weeks later.

10th Prenatal Visit on 1st August 2009

It’s time for my prenatal visit again. I had gained another 1.5kg within 2 weeks. Dr Chan told us that he will not be in Singapore from 9th August till 16th August. As the previous 2 birth was always early by 1 to 2 weeks, so now we had to wait and see when the baby want to come out and if the baby intends to come out when Dr Chan wasn’t in Singapore, his brother will be delivering for me.

So coincident that he will not be around in Singapore this time round. For my 2nd birth, it happened that he was on holiday when Izaac came out and his brother wasn’t around in Singapore too. In the end, it was their friend that did the delivery for me.

Currently, we could only wait for the baby and see when the baby wants to come out. keke

Next visit will be 1 week later.

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