Mid Autumn Festival 2010

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Mid Autumn just past by and this is how we celebrated the Mid Autumn Festival this year. Every year we would go to the Chinese Garden to see lanterns. However, this year the distance is too far and we decided to give it a miss.

We brought the kids down to the playground to have a feel of walking around with the lantern. A lot of parents also brought their kids down to the playground to play.

Izaac got to hold the lantern for awhile.
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Amilie did not manage to hold the lantern as Papa accidentally broke the candle but she didn't mind at all because she was more interested in the sparkles that Papa bought.
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After awhile doesn't wanted to hold the lantern and wanted to play with the sparkles instead.
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Celebrating Mid Autumn Festival, besides holding the lantern, the other tradition would be to eat Mooncake. This year we got to eat quite a few Mooncake from different restaurants or shops.

Here's some of the picture of the Mooncake we had.
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The traditional lotus paste mooncake.

We also had some Snow Skin Mooncake from different places.
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Eating so much mooncake, we concluded that the Durian Mooncake from Poney Jade is the best. It would be on our list next year
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So how would we be celebrating next year Mid Autumn Festival. We shall see. HeHe

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