Zion Riverside Food Centre

It's been awhile since we went to Zion Riverside FC for our meals. Decided to go there to have our dinner after eliminating out the choices we had in mind.

Wanted to order a few food to try:

Rojak from Clementi Brothers Rojak Stall #22 was yummy!

The You Tiao is very crispy and the rojak sauce is very sweet and nice. It taste nice and well, when you start eating it, you couldn't stop!

Prawn Noodles from Riverside Good Food Stall #20

The prawn noodles was nice but hubby thinks it's a bit watery and I do prefer it this way 😉 .

Small Pot Noodle from Riverside Stall #30

The whole set doesn't stand out as compared to the other Small Pot Noodles that I had actually tried.

Guess other than the Rojak, the rest of the 2 food wasn't much to our likings.

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