The Square @ Furama Riverfront

It was hubby's birthday the next day. We decided to try out the buffet at The Square @ Furama Riverfront. Though the varieties wasn't that much, we ate till very full that day.

We got there early and got a seat by the window with reservations made. The decorations were unexpectedly nice. The food were nice too.

Here's the food we had that day.

The first plate of dishes I took was the sushi, potato salad & ham.
The potato salad was yummy. Sushi and ham was alright.

Hubby loved the satay sauce very much that he took a second helping on the satay.

The seafood were fresh but I didn't really like the salmon as I think that it was a bit saltish.

This is a chinese style oyster and it was fresh and yummy. The salmon wasn't to our liking as we think that the taste of the milk or butter was too strong and we got sick of the taste easily.

We had to cooked the noodle ourselves but the soup was also thick with the taste of the milk.

I liked the desserts. Especially the marshmallow with the chocolate fondue. It's sweet and yummy!

By the time we left the restaurant, both of us were very full.

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