Soon Lai BBQ Fish

Went to Alexandra Village for some Seafood. As there were many stalls selling seafood, we decided to try another stall other than the usual stall that we used to patronize.

Soon Lai BBQ Fish had a special yummy taste that were different from the other stalls that we tried. Hubby ordered some of the usual dishes.

Here're the dishes.

The lala, had a unique taste but it wasn't to my liking though. Probably used to the taste of the normal spicy taste.

The sauce of the stingray seems yucky but there seems to have some barbeue sauce in it. We couldn't really figure out what the taste was but both of us like the stingray.

The kang kong is not spicy as it seems and it also have a unique barbecue taste and it's yummy. Think it would be better if it's more spicy.

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