Outram Temporary Market

Went to Outram Temporary Market for a light dinner recently. Forgotten to note down the names of the stalls that we tried that day.

Hubby ordered the roasted duck rice while I had roasted chicken noodle from the same stall.

According to my hubby, the duck rice was not bad. Didn't try it so I wasn't very sure how does it taste like.

For my roasted chicken noodle, it was just alright but the sauce was too little making the noodle a bit bland.

Other than the main dishes, we also additionally ordered some satay. Well, it was that great having tried other satay stall in ABC Market. The presentation of the sauce looked special with the garlic spread nicely. However, according to my hubby (I didn't try the sauce that day), it was too diluted and couldn't really taste the chilli.

Actually, probably the most famous would be the Claypot Rice at Outram Temporary Market. We had not tried that because the wait was quite long. Think one day, we should really try the Claypot Rice. So have you tried the Claypot Rice?

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