Singapore Flyer on Mother's Day

We were lucky to get a cheaper rate to board on Singapore Flyer on the first Mother's Day since it was opened.

The place was not very crowded but we still need to queue to board up the wheel. The kids were not bored though while waiting for our turn.

We need to check-in as though we were going to board on the plane.
After checking in, we have to queue to wait for our turn to board the wheel.

The kids were excited first time boarding the wheel. And they were fascinated by the view on the ground as the wheel went higher and higher.

The ride was about 45 minutes long and we got to take some pictures of the view from above. It was quite a long ride and the kids were a bit bored before we reach the "ground".

The Singapore Flyer was nice to have organised flowers during Mother's Day for the mummies. The kids loved the flowers though, so they got to hold the flowers.

They do have a small pond on the ground floor. As we were rushing back home that day, we only got to take a few pictures.

Overall, it was special to spend Mother's Day @ Singapore Flyer.

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