Farewell, Sujiah

Sujiah was our domestic helper and she had came to work at our place for 2 years. As she had to go back to her hometown to take care of her mum, she won't be renewing her contract with us.
When the contract ended, work permit cancelled and the air ticket was bought, it was time to send her off.
We brought the kids along to send off her so that they knew that she would be returning back to her home in Indonesia.
As we had not had our breakfast, we decided to have a quick breakfast at Burger King.

Only managed to snap 3 pictures before my camera went flat.

The kids were a bit bored as they waited for us to finish our breakfast.

We asked her to take some pictures with the kids too. And she also brought out her camera phone to snap pictures of the kids and us too.

The kids stood and looked through the glass window as they waved Sujiah bye bye. Think they were curious to see what Sujiah was doing over there.
After we left the airport, Izaac did ask about Sujiah and we told her that she had took aeroplane and went home. And he was able to accept it.
As it's not always we would be bringing the kids out on a weekday, we brought the kids to Marina Square and Suntec.
Guess they had totally forgotten about Sujiah with the fun they had.

Here's Izaac enjoying his ride with Barney and hugging the purple dinosaur.

Amilie driving the truck with Bob The Builder.

We were at Suntec and saw some horse rides, Amilie wanted to try out the horse ride but gave up before the time was up as it was quite tiring having to move up and down in order to get the horse to move. keke

So what happen to the days without maid? Well, it was messy!

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