Excursion To Kids Kampong

On the 2nd day of her return of the school from sickness, Amilie got to follow her class for excursion to Kids Kampong at Farmway 1. It's very far from us and I had to agree that without any vehicle, it's hard to get there.

We reported at the class around 9am and though only 9 students (including Amilie) were able to go. Then we boarded the school's bus transport, seems like other classes from other areas of the same school. It was quite a journey and finally we reached there. If I had known that the whole family (each person had to pay $15) could go, I would have brought Izaac along too. 🙂

Seems like there were 2 other buses of the same school yet to arrive. While waiting for the other students to arrive, the children are asked to sit at the chairs.

Finally, as the other 2 buses arrive, the kids were given bucket and net after being briefed by the people at the Kids Kampong. As it was drizzling that day, they were each given raincoat to wear.

Then off we go to each station:
1st Station
We got to catch the fishes and we could even bring back the fishes we caught. Both Amilie and me had a great time catching the fishes.

Here's the fishes that we caught. 🙂

2nd Station
We got to feed the fishes and some other animals. Amilie got to feed the Koi with the 'food' in her hands but she got scared after the first try and only dare to throw the food into the pond. She did touched the slimy back after some coaxing by me.
There's also other animals that Amilie got to take pictures with. Though she doesn't dare to go very near to them,

Last Station: The Pet Corner
At the pet corner, there was a introduction of the furry pets by the people at the kids kampong. Amilie got to touch the furry animals too. She told me she was scared of the mice but that didn't stop her from feeling the animal.
After all the fun, we had some refreshments while we wait for the buses to fetch us back home.
I believed that Amilie had a great fun before the 1 week school holiday begin and yes! her fishes are now in the fish tank. 🙂

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