What would you do?

It was around 1pm, Saturday afternoon. I was on the bus on my way to work (yup! work! some testing to do. keke) and saw this incident and kept me thinking of what should or would I do if I am in that situation. Here's what happened that day:

I was day-dreaming on the bus when I heard "Pop" sound. I looked up and saw that few seats in front of me. An angry mummy was bursting the balloons with her hands. It seems like the siblings were fighting for the balloons and the mummy just snapped (probably couldn't stand their 'fightings') and angrily burst the balloons. The mummy actually invited some stares (hey! it's hard not to stare, it's so loud!) and she shouted something like "fight for balloons, don't want to share, I burst it and see how you fight!"

Then the daughter, elder of the 2 children, went to sit 1 seat in front of her mummy saying that she didn't want to sit with her. Well, it actually got me thinking. Hmm... what should I do if I am in the mummy's situation. Well, I could actually feel the mummy had just snapped and lost control. Oh! Thinking of the mummy's angry face do scare me. And throughout the journey (before I alighted) the daughter did not want to sit with her. However, the mummy did in the end coax the son (younger one) to sit with her.

So mummies, what would or should be done if it happened to you? Actually, I am still thinking about this question since then. keke

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8 comments on “What would you do?”

  1. actually i feel dat lots of parents feel pressured into some extreme form of intervention when their kids misbehave in public...

    perhaps just letting the siblings continue with their friendly tug of war would be better then proving to others what an "effective" disciplinarian she is in that case?

    i have no idea what to do if good ol "talk some sense into them or a little slap in the hand" wont work, so i make sure i buy identical presents for my hb's 2 nieces all the time :s

    will need to stakeout the library for more books on that topic since cairo is turning (terrible) 2 soon, hai...

  2. Hmm... how old are the kids?

    I suppose the mummy should set the ground rules first like 'no playing on the bus' before she started her journey.

    Somehow I think the bursting of the balloon is too extreme. She can just take the balloon away from the kids instead of bursting it.

    Her daughter must be too embarass with her mum, that's why refused to sit with her.

  3. Think the kids around 5 to 6 years old.

    Agreed with mom of cairo the parent might be feeling pressured but hmm i wouldnt have notice the 'noises' if she havent burst the balloons. Think like what Idy had said. She is a bit extreme.

  4. hmm..I don't blame the mom for snapping too..sometimes I can go beserk and snap at ashley as well espcially when I am sleep deprived and when she doesn't listen to me....whatever it is...i'm not going to say much cause one day, that mommy could be me! hehehehhe

  5. I do snap when Ethyl's not behaving...ever gave away a balloon because she wanted to kick them as a ball 🙁

    But I do believe in setting rules on certain occassions. At least you made your stand clear and if they failed to oblige, you can come up with some sort of "punishment" for breaking the rule. For me, it works fine for now and Ethyl knows her limit...not sure how long this will last tho'

  6. Hmm...i always lose my cool when i'm at home. But once i'm outside, i find that my level of tolerance actually rise..haha..maybe i'm more 'face conscious'...but thank god so far Damien has not really crossed his limits when he's out...and if he really does, daddy's always the one who will gave him a cold stare which will usually stop whatever nonsense he's up to... 😉

  7. hm... sometimes it is tough for the parents esp the mom if she was alone with the children or her child when they are out.

    I usually won't wait til I snap then do something about it. I'm one that will enforce discipline even when we are outside. Even if they are alot of ppl staring.. I don't really care. Because my daughter behaviour is what matters to me. If the ppl want to look, let them be.

    But I usually will bring Grace to a corner or toilet if need be. In a bus, if Grace did something not so desireable like that, I will give her a warning. If she didn't listen, she will be discipline when she is home. She knows this very well and usually my dear grace will listen. I find that it is good to enforce some rules and regulations even when we are out so that the little one can have some expectation of her/himself. Most importantly, start young with rules and regulations.

  8. For the time being, my son will be the one to have to give in to my daughter. But I'll try to see if I could do something else with the balloon maybe like a game with the balloon so everyone can play with it. Anyway, I'm like Jean, I dont care if pple stare.

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