4th Prenatal Visit on 11th April 2009

We were supposed to see our Gynae on 2nd of April but he was on some seminar. We went for the Fetal Assessment Scan at Thomson Medical that day.

I will be having a baby girl as confirmed by the Obsterian. The fetal assessment went fine and the Obsterian explained to us the baby organs and told us that the baby is about average size. Baby covered its eyes with its hand on one occasion. We got 2 printouts of the baby and were told that the report will be sent to the Gynae’s since my next appointment will be one week later.
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One week later, we brought Amilie with us to visit the Gynae, he told us everything was fine and show Amilie the baby even though there was not scan that day. He even let Amilie hear the baby’s heartbeat which Amilie think it sounded like the thunder.

During this one month, my weight had increased to 43kg. I could sometimes feel the hiccupping of the baby. I had cravings for creamy cakes and would had a piece of cake after my dinner or before I went to bed.

The next visit will be 4 weeks later.

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